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Shefa Healing

Shefa Heali – with Theolyn Cortens

Shefa Healing is a unique modality channeled by Theolyn in 2001. Since then she has taught small groups of healers how to use the ancient sacred characters, called The Celestial Writing, for their personal development and for their clients.

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Shefa Healing Gateway will be available as an online home study course in 2018. The Gateway course is designed to open your channels to receive the vibrational advantages presented by some of the sacred characters. It does not qualify you in anyway, although you can choose to apply for the Certificate that will entitle you to apply to learn Shefa Healing Protocols. In order to apply for further Shefa Healing courses, you will have had to have completed the Zera Meditation 21-day Program.

Shefa Healing Protocols are taught personally by Theolyn over a non-residential weekend in the UK. You will be qualified to use Shefa Healing for youself, friends and family, but not for paying clients. (Dates for 2018 to be announced).

Shefa Healing Practitioner is taught over six months and includes 3 weekends with Theolyn. More details will be announced in 2018.

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The Abundance Formula

The Abundance Formula — by Theolyn Cortens

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