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You are the power in your own kingdom – learn to use it wisely

I arrived in this world with a long past-life and inter-life history of esoteric training.

I continue to explore transcendental and invisible worlds with an underlying mission to uncover metaphysical solutions that lead to healing and transformation.

I offer mind-expanding courses that will open your inner channels to your own Divine Power, Love and Wisdom. Your daily life will benefit hugely when you are re-connected with those natural potentials.

How to work with me

  • Level One
    • Learn Zera Meditation as a self-study course. You can add mentoring sessions if you feel the need.
    • Open your inner channels to angelic support and wisdom by following my Living with Angels self-study course.
    • Read my most recent book, The Abundance Formula. I will be offering a course at a later date.
    • I am presently working on Shefa Healing Gateway, an entry-level self-study course to start you on your way using this powerful yet gentle energy healing technique.
  • Level Two
    • Deepen your awareness of angelic wisdom by following The Angels Script self-study course.
    • Attend a face-to-face Shefa Healing Protocols weekend. Dates for Autumn 2018 will be announced shortly.
  • Level Three

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The Abundance Formula

The Abundance Formula — by Theolyn Cortens

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