• The Wisdom of our Shining Ancestors — with Theolyn Cortens
  • The Ten Laws of Creation — with Theolyn Cortens
  • The Angels Script by Theolyn Cortens
  • Shefa Healing by Theolyn Cortens
  • Working with Archangels — Theolyn Cortens
  • Simple Meditation by Theolyn Cortens
The Angels Script Consultants Course

Discover what the Ten Laws of Creation can do for you

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Theolyn Cortens’ teachings are inspiring and accessible, and are based on ancient wisdom and personal mystical experience. She will support your quest for personal illumination, spiritual refreshment and mastery over your unique destiny.

  • Home-study courses for accelerated spiritual development
  • Powerful guided journeys lead you towards self-realisation
  • Meditation training for life-changing benefits
  • Group workshops with initiation into new healing protocols

The inspiration Theolyn has received through direct communication with celestial and inter-dimensional intelligences is the solid foundation for the teachings she offers.

Theolyn is also recognised as an academic expert in the field of spiritual experience and angelology, and has studied Eastern and Western philosophy, transpersonal psychology, Western Esotericism, near-death experiences, astrology and Jewish mysticism.

Welcome to SoulSchool — a treasury of practical and spiritual wisdom.

I have a good goblet, let me share it with you. — I Ching

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