The Angels Script | Theolyn Cortens

The Angels Script cards deck
Now in its second edition, this is the tool for accessing angelic wisdom. Includes full colour cards for all 12 of the Archangels of the Tree of Life, one for The Holy Spirit, 22 cards for the characters of the ancient Writing of the Angels, plus a 170pp book with all the channelled messages, sample readings and much more.

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Living With Angels | Theolyn Cortens

Living With Angels
This classic book has been in print for over 16 years and a new 2020 edition has now been published.

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Working With Archangels | Theolyn Cortens

Working With Archangels: Your path to transformation and power
This is a really valuable book for anyone wishing to engage with the great archetypes in Creation for self-empowerment and creative juice.

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Working With Your Guardian Angel | Theolyn Cortens

Working With Your Guardian Angel
An inspirational 12-week programme for finding your life’s purpose.

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Your Guardian Angel Needs You | Theolyn Cortens

Your Guardian Angel Needs You: How to step into a remarkable future
The original guide to building an inspiring relationship with your Divine ‘other-half’.

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The Teachings of the Nephalim | Theolyn Cortens

The Teachings of the Nephalim
Inspirational channelled messages from a group of twelve Nephalim, the ‘great ones of old’ mentioned in the Bible.

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The Angels Script | Theolyn Cortens

Meeting Archangels double-album of guided journeys

The twelve great Archangels of the Tree of Life have been called the ‘Guardians of the Gates of Light’. The Gates are stages on a journey towards an expanded state of consciousness and meeting the Archangels allows you to open your heart and mind to higher dimensions. These meetings will bring you joy and a greater sense of freedom, confidence and abundance.

TRACK LIST: 1. Introduction. 2. Journey to meet your Guardian Angel. 3. Sandalphon. 4. Auriel. 5. Auriel and Sandalphon together. 6. Gabriel. 7. Raphael. 8. Hanael. 9. Michael. 10. Samael. 11. Zadkiel. 12. The Holy Spirit – Ruah ha Kodesh. 13. Zaphkiel. 14. Raziel. 15. The Shekinah. 16. Metatron. 17. Metatron and The Shekinah. Includes guide to getting the best out your guided journeys.

Working with Archangels album – Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

Working with Archangels double-album of guided journeys

All twenty-four visualisations from Theolyn’s book, Working with Archangels, have been specially recorded by the author herself, to help you get the most out of your work with the Archangels, plus a bonus visualisation, Journey to meet your Guardian Angel. Also includes a brief guide to getting the most out of your visualisations and the original CD cover graphic.

TRACK LIST: 1. Sandalphon. 2. Auriel. 3. Gabriel. 4. Hanael. 5. Raphael. 6. Michael. 7. Zadkiel. 8. Samael. 9. Raziel. 10. Zaphkiel. 11. Metatron. 12. The Shekinah. 13. Saraquiel (Aries). 14. Ashmodiel (Taurus). 15. Ambriel (Gemini). 16. Cael (Cancer). 17. Zerachiel (Leo). 18. Vael (Virgo). 19. Zuriel (Libra). 20. Baruel (Scorpio). 21. Adnachiel (Sagittarius). 22. Orphiel (Capricorn). 23. Cambiel (Aquarius). 24. Barakiel (Pisces). 25. Journey to meet your Guardian Angel.

The Shefa Method — Theolyn Cortens

The Shefa Method – complete self-study course

The Shefa Method is a profoundly transformative programme that is easy to access and offers you an opportunity to experience the power of four essential Shefa characters in your own home, by embedding them at a deep level of consciousness.

You will find the wisdom and spiritual technology available here will bring tangible benefits to all areas of your life.

When you have completed The Shefa Method, you can take Shefa Expansion as an online course, which will give you the remaining eighteen Shefa characters.

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Shefa Expansion — Theolyn Cortens

Shefa Expansion – complete self-study course

Once you have learned The Shefa Method, you can take this home-study course, which gives you the complete set of all 22 Shefa characters, extending your consciousness yet further.

Cost will be £72. Available from end May 2021.