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Important — please read this useful advice before starting...

  • If you can, make sure you are undisturbed while you do this. The more you can focus on your question, the better.
  • Switch off all phones and settle yourself down quietly.
  • Hold your question in your mind. If you can frame it to yourself in one short, easily remembered sentence, you will have more clarity about your question. This will in turn help you get a clear answer.
  • Use the links above to select what kind of reading you want to do. Click EXIT READINGS to return to the website.
  • Choose an Archangel if you are seeking an appropriate helper. This can be for a specific question or problem, or might just be: "Who is my helper for today?"
  • Choose a Symbol if you want advice in connection with a specific question or problem. You could also choose both an Archangel and a Symbol card for the same question. For instance, "Who is my best helper and what's the best advice I can follow?"
  • Use the Three-card spread for advice and help relating to a particular challenge or question you may have at this time. It's helpful, where appropriate, to specify what time periods you are talking about, particularly if looking for the likely future outcome of a present challenge. You need to say if you're thinking in terms of days, weeks, months or years. NOTE: Because this system derives from the Hebrew alphabet, the cards are read from right to left.


Theolyn Cortens - The Angels Script