Your Radiant Being — with Theolyn Cortens SoulSchool
Your Radiant Being

There is no reason not to go for what is the best: you haven’t anything better to do, by definition.
— Jordan Peterson

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Every Soul is a truly brilliant star in the making. It can be the work of many lifetimes to become as shiny as, say Sirius, or Spica, but it must be our commitment, in every lifetime, to not just stay alive, but to develop our wattage!

We all contain a huge radiant energy. It is innate in every atom of our physical, cellular structure and, as humans, we can consciously choose to work with this energy and allow it space to function to maximum capacity. All the ancient traditions of mysticism – yoga, kabbalah, etc. – attempted to outline methodologies for easing the exchange and flow of energy between spirit and matter.

Your Radiant Being needs your attention! Make a commitment and begin working towards releasing your Soul’s potential and the universe will support you. My courses are designed to help, but you may, of course, find other appropriate ways to work. Whatever route you take, just get to it!