Shefa training overview

I offer several stages of Shefa training that will take you along a carefully designed spiritual development path:

The Shefa Method — Theolyn Cortens

THE SHEFA METHOD self-study course unfolds over eight weeks with supporting daily emails, videos and audios delivered online. There is an option to purchase personal mentoring if you need additional support. This course grounds you in the Shefa Method and will bring life-changing benefits.

Shefa Expansion — Theolyn Cortens

SHEFA EXPANSION is a two-day residential course that expands your understanding and introduces additional characters, together with a self-initiation protocol.

Shefa Practitioner — Theolyn Cortens

SHEFA PRACTITIONER is a six-month programme beginning Autumn 2020 that includes three 3-day residential, individual supervision by Skype and the submission of case studies.

Shefa Teacher — Theolyn Cortens Shefa Method

SHEFA TEACHER will be offered from Autumn 2021 as a nine-month programme, including a total of 10 days residential workshops, adult teacher training and student teaching presentations face-to-face and by Zoom classroom.