Shefa Practitioner

Shefa Practitioner teaches you the Shefa Protocols and trains you to use the Shefa Method as a healing modality for clients. This six-month course leads to a Certificate, qualifying you as a professional Shefa Healer. Because Theolyn personally supervises each individual student, there are a limited number of places for each intake.


The fees have yet to be set, but they will be payable by instalments and an Early Bird price available once we have a date for the next intake.

  • Three self-study packages.
  • Three residential courses.
  • Five one-to-one supervision calls over a six month period while you collect six case studies, two of which will be distant healing.
  • You are expected to deliver two Assignments plus a Final Report.
  • Shefa Healing Protocols.
  • Advanced Zera Meditation.

Self-study Package One
  • Shefa Method advanced theory print materials.
  • The Angels Script advanced self-study course — print and audio materials.
  • Instruction for conducting and recording case studies — print materials.
Residential Workshop One
  • Shefa Healing Protocols initiation.
  • Delivery of Shefa Practitioners Handbook.
  • Using The Angels Script as a diagnostic tool.
  • How to create a sacred space.
  • How to channel celestial support.
  • Practice giving and receiving Shefa characters for healing.
  • Practice interviewing and recording for case studies.
  • Two Skype sessions between Workshops One and Two.
Assignment One
  • 500 words to be delivered before Residential Workshop Two.

Self-study Package Two
  • Education in the Earth School self-development eBook.
Residential Workshop Two
  • Journeying with the Archangels to clear karmic blocks.
  • Advanced meditation with a new zera.
  • Practice giving and receiving Shefa Healing.
  • Sharing case study experiences.
  • Two Skype sessions between Workshops Two and Three.
Assignment Two
  • 500 words to be delivered before Residential Workshop Three.

Self-study Package Three
  • How to deliver talks about the Shefa Method — print materials.
  • How to promote the Shefa Method — print materials.
  • How to promote yourself as a Healer — print materials.
Residential Workshop Three
  • Advanced meditation training.
  • Consolidating your Shefa Healing.
  • Practice giving and receiving Shefa Healing.
  • Sharing your case study experiences.
  • Practice talking about the Shefa Method and Shefa Healing.
  • Receive your starter pack of leaflets and promotional materials.
  • One Skype session after Workshop Three.
Final Report
  • 1000 words self-development Report, delivered with your case studies within six weeks of Residential Workshop Three.
Shefa Practitioner Certificate

This will be posted to you after satisfactory completion.


I will be arranging:

  • Online community.
  • Promotion on our website.
  • Annual meetings to ensure ongoing development.
  • Updated editions of the Shefa Practitioners Handbook.
  • Monthly videos and online exchanges.

The venue will be a suitable environment in an easily accessible and central location in Britain, with good parking facilities.


Expected residential workshop dates for 2021: March, May, July.