The Shefa Method — Theolyn Cortens

The Shefa Method is a profoundly transformative programme that is easy to access and offers you an opportunity to experience the power of four essential Shefa characters in your own home, by embedding them at a deep level of consciousness.

You will find the wisdom and spiritual technology available here will bring tangible benefits to all areas of your life.

Cost – 2019/2020


What people say…

By doing this course my spiritual and self-awareness has really grown and I now feel on the right path after I had been looking for a very long time. Thank you. — A.L. in Suffolk, England.

I would like to thank you, Theolyn, for your wise words and help during this course. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad to know you. — C.L. in Oxfordshire, England.

I have a new sense of balance and harmony, on a consistent basis. I experience a feeling of ‘connectedness’ to all aspects of the Universe, which I already knew at an intellectual level, but had not experienced directly at such a profound level. — M.E. in Worcestershire, England.

  • Eight modules, designed to be followed over an eight week period. These Modules introduce four of the Shefa characters and how to use them in conjunction with Zera Meditation.
  • Ample clear guidance to print out and keep.
  • Audio guidance to support your early experience of Zera Meditation.
  • Daily email encouragement.
  • Recorded visualisations for embedding four Shefa characters.
  • Weekly videos for additional support.
  • Optional one-to-one mentoring via phone, Skype or FaceTime (additional cost).
  • Module One — The Shefa Method.
  • Module Two — Living Light and Sacred Characters.
  • Module Three — Four Levels.
  • Module Four — Your Guiding Light.
  • Module Five — Healing Relationships.
  • Module Six — Temple of the Soul.
  • Module Seven — Unravelling Old Patterns.
  • Module Eight — Living Magically.

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