The Shefa Method — Theolyn Cortens

The Shefa Method is a profoundly transformative programme that is easy to access and offers you an opportunity to experience the power of four essential Shefa characters in your own home, by embedding them at a deep level of consciousness.

You will find the wisdom and spiritual technology available here will bring tangible benefits to all areas of your life.

When you have completed The Shefa Method, you can take Shefa Expansion as an online course, which will give you the remaining eighteen Shefa characters.

What people say…

By doing this course my spiritual and self-awareness has really grown and I now feel on the right path after I had been looking for a very long time. Thank you. — A.L. in Suffolk, England.

I would like to thank you, Theolyn, for your wise words and help during this course. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad to know you. — C.L. in Oxfordshire, England.

I have a new sense of balance and harmony, on a consistent basis. I experience a feeling of ‘connectedness’ to all aspects of the Universe, which I already knew at an intellectual level, but had not experienced directly at such a profound level. — M.E. in Worcestershire, England.

  • Eight modules, designed to be followed over an eight week period. These Modules introduce four of the Shefa characters and how to use them in conjunction with Zera Meditation.
  • Ample clear guidance to print out and keep.
  • Audio guidance to support your early experience of Zera Meditation.
  • Daily email encouragement.
  • Recorded visualisations for embedding four Shefa characters.
  • Weekly videos for additional support.
  • Optional one-to-one mentoring via phone, Skype or FaceTime (additional cost).
  • Module One — The Shefa Method.
  • Module Two — Living Light and Sacred Characters.
  • Module Three — Four Levels.
  • Module Four — Your Guiding Light.
  • Module Five — Healing Relationships.
  • Module Six — Temple of the Soul.
  • Module Seven — Unravelling Old Patterns.
  • Module Eight — Living Magically.

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