The Shekinah Sanctuary

Read the Guide to The Shekinah (opens a PDF in a new tab to read online, download or print).

In my house here in Wales I have dedicated a small room as a space for meditation and healing, where I focus on the Shekinah as the Divine Presence in Creation.

In Jewish mysticism, the Shekinah is regarded as a feminine energy supporting the material world — invisible, but reliable and constant. Think of the Shekinah as the Radiant Being of EVERYTHING! When we release our individual Radiant Being, we encourage all other creatures to radiate.

On top of my altar table, a small wooden statue of a mother with child stands on a box, flanked by candles and flowers. This carved figure represents the loving support of the Divine Presence for all its children, including all of humanity, and I have dedicated the space to encourage us to open our hearts to increase Joy, Love and Community.

The box on which my statue stands is painted with clouds and I call it ‘The Cloud’. This is because, in the biblical story of the Exodus, we read that the Divine Presence appeared as a pillar of cloud when the Israelites set up a Tent of Testimony as their holy place in the desert.

I will be delighted to hear from anyone who requests healing and feels the spiritual work in the Shekinah Sanctuary has helped, even in a small way. Feel free to contact me.

Little steps will cover a long path. We won’t know how long the path will be, but we need to commit by taking the first step.

How you can join me each week

For my personal practice I meditate twice a day most days of the week (something I recommend everyone to do). On Wednesdays I ask for a channelled message to share.

On Thursdays I put aside an hour for a longer session and I invite you to tune in with this session at 10pm UK time. You can do this on any Thursday and do not have to commit to every week.

The more people who tune in on a Thursday evening, the more spiritual energy will accumulate, and the healing energy will build for people who have requested healing (see below). I do hope you will join in and share with your friends.

Subscribe for weekly reminders

If you subscribe to the Shekinah Sanctuary list I will send you a weekly reminder, together with the channelled message for the week. If, for any reason, the Thursday session is adjusted (for example during the winter festivities), I will let you know.

Send me your request for healing

Another benefit of subscribing to the Shekinah Sanctuary list is that you can send me a name to be included in the healing requests, using the form below. This can be for you or for someone else, is totally free and can be done as many times as you like. Please read these instructions before sending your request.

Instructions for sending in your request
  1. When you complete the form, you are asked to give the name of the person for whom you want healing, but if you would like to just put ‘my mother’ or ‘my friend’, that will be accepted. However, don’t forget names carry vibrations and we are asking for healing at a subtle level, where energy moves around according to vibration. This vibration is set up when you fill in the form, and it will be more effective if the individual’s name is used.
  2. Your request will create an effect, although we can never guarantee results. We should also bear in mind that (unlike conventional medical practice) pain, chronic illness, disease and death are all opportunities for spiritual evolution, and should not be regarded as ‘failures’. This may be challenging for some to accept, but is nonetheless true.
  3. Correct spiritual practice means we should ask permission from the person we intend to benefit. There are some occasions, however — if someone is in a coma, for instance — when permission may not be possible. In such a case, please use your intuition or consult your own guides to find out whether it’s appropriate. For example, I would never request this kind of healing for someone who I know is an atheist and, if asked, would decline.
  4. Every request for healing is printed and I collect them together on a weekly basis then put them in ‘The Cloud’ box. They stay there until the day before the next New Moon, at which point The Cloud is cleared. You should therefore take care to read your weekly reminder, which will tell you when The Cloud will next be cleared, and send a new request in time for the next New Moon.

Request a healing

Please complete this short form and return to me to work with next time I am in The Shekinah Sanctuary. All fields are required…


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