Radiance Teacher Training Programme

This will be an intensive four-month programme, beginning May 2021 and continuing immediately after completion of the Advanced Radiance Programme. This will mean teachers will be ready to offer their courses from September of 2021.
The Radiance Teacher Training Programme includes:

  • Self-study development over four months. A wide reading programme will be required.
  • Student finds local group to offer three part mini-class (free to attendees) and self-evaluates.
  • Four individual Skype supervision sessions.
  • Three practical teaching residentials of three days each
  • Student produces portfolio of lesson plans with aims and objectives.
  • Student delivers FaceBook Live event and submits recording for evaluation.
  • Student delivers a two thousand word personal statement.
  • One final residential of four days.

Estimated price: £7,950 (Early Enrolment discounts may apply)
Total estimated price for three Programmes leading to teaching qualification: £20,850, subject to an estimated Early Enrolment discount of total maximum £4,000. Instalment systems for monthly payments will be in place at each stage.