What’s involved

Receiving Shefa Healing

Shefa Healing is delivered to you fully clothed, usually seated. The whole process takes around one hour, although the first session may take a little longer.

Healing sessions have six distinct stages:

  1. Before receiving healing you will be asked some simple questions about what you are hoping to gain from the healing sessions and your Healer will take notes throughout.
  2. Your Healer will encourage you to become receptive to healing at a deep level by spending a few moments meditating with you.
  3. When you have settled into a quiet state, your Healer will stand behind you, lightly touch you on the shoulders and ask you to close your eyes. They will then ask for Heavenly Protection for the healing session, before moving around you, making light, simple movements that do not touch your body. These movements are based on some of the Shefa character shapes. This procedure ends when the Healer places their hands on your shoulders once more.
  4. Your Healer will sit beside you for a short while, observing your energy field and waiting until they sense the energetic changes in your system have had time to settle.
  5. At the appropriate time, your Healer will touch you lightly on the hand to encourage you to open your eyes. There is no hurry. When you have opened your eyes, your Healer will offer you a drink of water.
  6. After this healing process you can discuss anything you have experienced. You will be advised to be gentle with yourself for a few hours after receiving healing. If future sessions are planned, your Healer may suggest one or two Shefa characters for you to work with between appointments.
Receiving Shefa Healing at a distance

Shefa characters can be transmitted at a distance. Your Healer will ask the same questions as if you were present – you will fill in an online form – and can offer you a series of healing transmissions, supported by phone calls and emails.

What you can expect

Shefa Healing is designed to realign energetic patterns that have become unbalanced. Realignment can happen quite quickly and noticeably, but may be very subtle, and the results may not be noticed immediately. Each person heals in their own way and at their own speed, so results are not predictable, but many report better sleeping patterns, and a new sense of confidence and calm after only a few sessions.

Find a Healer

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