My readings are for people who want to learn how to live into their potential and experience more joy in life.

I use a combination of modern and traditional astrological tools, alongside concepts developed from unique Archangel insights, based on my experiences following a series of Tree of Life path-workings in the 1980’s. Those experiences led to me receiving channelled messages that initiated the creation of The Angels Script and I include the Script’s wisdom in my readings. Click here to read the free Guide to the Angels Script (PDF opens in a new tab).

Many of you have your own Angels Script deck, in which case I will suggest that you draw the physical cards in your own room. If you do not have your own deck, I will choose the cards for you, after a quiet moment of contemplation together.

Readings are done via Skype and are recorded. The recording will be delivered to you after the call using a file transfer system. As an MP3 file, this can be played on your computer, smartphone or other device.

The Angels Script — by Theolyn Cortens SoulSchoolWhen you click “Purchase” you will be taken to PayPal to make your payment (you don’t need a PayPal account to use this service). Soon afterwards, I will email you with suggested times and dates for your reading so we can make your appointment.


Present Issue Reading

This simple three-card reading helps you get a perspective on present challenges in your life, or supports you when making important decisions.

40 minutes £60 Purchase
Uses The Angels Script only Recorded

Your Soul’s Purpose

This five-card reading is a deep exploration into your fundamental reason for being here in this incarnation. The reading describes prior causes and future potential.

60 minutes £90 Purchase
Uses Astrology and The Angels Script Recorded

Your Year Ahead Reading

This one-hour reading will be immensely supportive when you are looking ahead and planning for the next twelve months, perhaps at New Year, just before your birthday, or when starting a new venture.

60 minutes recorded – Skype/Facetime £120 Purchase
Uses Astrology and The Angels Script Recorded

Soul Evolution Reading

This reading uses astrology to look at how you can shine in the world.

Read the Guide to your Soul Evolution (PDF opens in a new tab to read online, download or print).

90 minutes recorded £180 Purchase
Uses Astrology and The Angels Script Recorded