Privacy Policy

In brief…

Your information is 100% safe with us. We don’t share it with anybody for any reason, unless required by English Law.

In detail…

Who we are

‘’ is a website that sells materials on behalf of the author and teacher, Theolyn Cortens, under the trading name of ‘SoulSchool’.

Who we send newsletters to

We are enthusiastic about the creative possibilities Theolyn’s ideas can bring in to peoples’ lives, so we want to tell you about new developments as they happen. On the other hand, we aren’t interested in telling people about Theolyn’s work if they’re not interested, so we only communicate with people who are registered with us.

We communicate with you with up to three regular mailouts:

  1. The Tree of Life Cycles This is sent out eight times a year, a few days before each solstice, equinox and cross-quarter. The exact dates vary from year to year, but you can see upcoming dates here. While subscribed to you can choose to opt out of this mailout and still receive the others.
  2. The Shekinah Sanctuary This is a weekly mailout, normally sent on Wednesdays, that contains the latest channelled messages from Theolyn and other relevant information about the Shekinah Sanctuary healing mission. Click here to find out more about the Shekinah Sanctuary. While subscribed to you can choose to opt out of this mailout and still receive the others.
  3. The Radiance Newsletter This is our regular newsletter and is sent out to all subscribers thirteen times a year, on every New Moon. Unlike the mailouts mentioned above, you cannot opt out of receiving this newsletter; to stop receiving The Radiance Newsletter, you must unsubscribe from completely. This means that you will also stop receiving The Tree of Life Cycles and The Shekinah Sanctuary.

In addition, we may send occasional extra mailouts from time-to-time, although this is very rare.

The benefits of subscribing

You are welcome to browse all available areas on our website as an anonymous visitor. However, if you subscribe there are additional benefits. The various mailouts we send (listed above) contain free gifts that can take the form of videos, recorded visualisations, ebooks and more. You will also hear about any special offers or opportunities that come up and, where appropriate, may be given discounts or other special offers from time to time. There may be sections of the website that are only available to subscribers. In short, we are interested in long-term relationships with people who are serious about their spiritual development, so we like to foster good will however possible. Thia, however, can only be extended to subscribers.

Removing yourself from the mailing list or changing your preferences

Links to change your subscription preferences or to completely unsubscribe can be found at the foot of all our mailouts. If you cannot make this work for you, or you unsubscribe by accident, contact us and we will help you.

What information we keep about you

We try to keep as little as possible, and only that which is strictly necessary for maintaining the relationship we believe you want to have with us.

We do not keep credit or debit card information, or any bank details you may supply when purchasing from us. When sales are made via PayPal (as are most transactions) we do not see credit or debit card information at all, and your financial security is the responsibility of PayPal and subject to their terms and conditions.

Any physical (land) addresses you send us we regard as strictly private. We will hold this data solely for the purposes of sending out materials to you. Addresses will not be visible to third parties unless required by English Law.

Email addresses entered on this siteby you will be stored in our website’s database and will be used to send out mailings, as described above. Our mailings are processed by the secure and reputable email marketing company, Mailchimp, and so they will also keep your email address, as well as other information you have submitted (such as your name). Otherwise, email addresses will not be visible to third parties unless required by English Law.

If you want us to send you a record of information we hold about you, we are happy to do so. Either email us or send a self-addressed envelope to:

Theolyn Cortens
27 Ger y Llan
Wales SA44 5YB

What information we share about you


We take your privacy very seriously and we will not sell, lend or in any way give out your personal information to any third party without your express permission in writing, unless required by English Law.


We have a zero-tolerance policy on spamming: we do not spam people ourselves and we take a very dim view of those who spam others. If you are a spammer, you may be blocked from our site and reported.

If you are not a spammer but have been blocked from because our system has mistakenly identified you as one, please contact us and we will help you as best we can. With so many attempts at fake registrations occurring daily on our site, it is inevitable that sometimes innocent people are wrongly identified as spammers. Please accept our apologies, but understand this is to do with trying to protect you from unwanted materials.