Meet The Wisdom Keepers

This 15-minute visualisation is designed to help you access your intuition about the Shefa Method course and whether it’s suitable for you at this time. It does not try and persuade you to do it and there are no covert messages hidden in it to persuade you to buy the course. It is simply there to help you know yourself better.

I strongly recommend you read the instructions below before clicking the play button at the foot of this page.

Getting the best out of your visualisation

Visualisations, or guided journeys, give us access to other dimensions where we can talk to guides, Angels and other spiritual supporters. Most people on their spiritual path have had some experience of visualisations, but for those of you who are new to this method, here are some tips for getting the best out of the process. Even if you have done visualisations in the past, this may give you some hints to help you improve the experience.

  • Choose your time carefully. If your front window is next to the street, for example, there may be times of day when the postman or school children are coming and going. Optimum times are later in the evening, or early in the morning when the world is still waking up.
  • Give yourself enough time before and after listening to the audio. Don’t rush, but prepare yourself gently and make sure you can spend plenty of time afterwards, assimilating the experience and writing in your Journal.
  • Make sure your pets are out of the way — cats are especially curious when they see their human friend sitting quietly just like one of them, and dogs probably wonder why they can’t persuade you to go out and play!
  • Disconnect or switch off all telephones, including your mobile.
  • Prepare a pleasant environment: tidy your room and clear the psychic space by using bells, incense or smudge sticks, but don’t create a heavy smell in the air, as this can be distracting.
  • Organise your Journal and any pens or coloured pencils so they are handy nearby.
  • Have a glass of water near you.
  • DON’T play music while you are on your journey, as this will have the effect of transporting you somewhere else. You are likely to be distracted by music that has not been designed to accompany the journey you have chosen.
  • Use a comfortable chair, but not one that will encourage you to go to sleep. Your mind is going to travel, but your body needs to be supported and feel stable. Some people prefer to lie down on the floor, in which case, make sure your head is properly supported on a soft cushion. Whether you sit or lie down, cover yourself with a light blanket to keep you warm.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and slippers, socks or stockings. No shoes. If you are sitting, keep your feet on the floor and your hands softly in your lap. No crossed legs. If you are lying down, allow yor arms to rest loosely by your sides.
  • At the beginning of the recordings I always take some time to help you relax, with instructions for breathing and letting go of stress and tension. But you can also prepare yourself before you have even started playing the audio.
  • Before sitting or lying down, do some stretching and wriggling, allowing any tension in your body to be released. The more relaxed you are before you start, the easier it will be for your mind to follow the journey on the audio.
  • Enjoy your journey!
  • When you come back to your everyday self, use grounding techniques to get yourself properly back into your body. Stretching like a cat, tapping your limbs, stamping your feet are all useful grounding techniques. And drinking that glass of water will also be very useful — it switches your system back on.
  • Don’t forget to record your journey (with the date) in your Journal.