Shefa Healing case study

This case was reported by a qualified Shefa Practitioner, living in Wales.

Lydia is a 60-year old woman, she is married with one child now living away from home. When Lydia started receiving Shefa Healing, she had not enjoyed good health since the birth of her child nearly thirty years ago, and had struggled to keep her career as a music teacher going. In 2007, Lydia had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and consequently retired early from her profession. She was unable to keep up with social engagements.

Lydia’s symptoms were exhaustion; an inability to sustain energy levels when they did improve; intense fear; intense feelings of cold in specific areas of her body; intolerance to bright light; mood swings predominated by feelings of depression; and lack of confidence, to the extent that she had stopped playing her musical instruments or participating in any form of musical performance.

The first indication of change in Lydia’s wellbeing was that she became more aware of historical and familial relationships that had been difficult for her as a child – the healing sessions were bringing these to the surface for examination and reflection. As this pattern established itself it was soon followed by a second change: the sense of intense fear and cold began to decline. She no longer needed to go to bed with a hot water bottle for example, or wake up in the night with the conviction that something terrible was about to happen. Lydia described the surprise and joy she felt that, when she decided to go along to an unexpected orchestral rehearsal, she only afterwards realised that she had not experienced any fear. Social interactions became much easier and her tolerance to frustration improved.

Lydia kept a detailed journal of her week and we would go through this together at the beginning of each session. She worked proactively with the characters that had been used in the sessions, letting them find their own expression in her inner being, and she allowed herself to learn from the insights she gained.

Friends began to notice the change in Lydia and this was commented upon. Her GP asked what had brought about the change and the GP has referred people to me as a consequence.

About nine months later, Lydia appears to many of her contacts to have transformed. She performs regularly in the orchestra of which she is a member, plays duets with a friend before many of the reading group meetings, has reclaimed much of her energy and is not demoralised if there are times when she needs to take things a little easier. Lydia is currently considering options for vocational development and says that, for the first time she can remember, she is experiencing a sense of joy at being alive.