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The Teachings of the Nephalim

2012 and beyond

The Teachings of the Nephalim | Theolyn CortensEarly in 2009 Theolyn, already well known for her channelling of inspirational messages from angels, started to receive messages from a group of twelve disincarnate Nephalim, the ‘great ones of old’ mentioned in biblical texts, who want to offer guidance to humanity during these times of change. The extraordinary material in this inspired book will make a unique and valuable contribution to understanding how human evolution can move us all towards a remarkable future. Theolyn’s conversations with the Nephalim confirm that we are supported by invisible ‘elders’, or ‘ancestors’, when we commit to live in to our highest possibilities. Then we will exist in harmony with each other and with all the other creatures that dwell on our beautiful planet.

Several of the Nephalim have names you may recognise from biblical stories. The spokesperson for the Nephalim is Seth. He explains: Our mission is to remind all humanity that history will not have to repeat itself, if only enough of you take on the full responsibility of your real destiny.

Each of the twelve Nephalim, six ‘male, six ‘female’ delivered a reassuring and encouraging message. Theolyn shows how their wisdom accords with ancient Jewish mysticism concerning the development of soul empowerment. The invocations and exercises in the book will help all readers connect with the invisible realms of ancestral memory, where you can ask for and gain inspiration for daily life, as well as for your long term spiritual journey.

The esoteric content in this book will be especially supportive for anyone on the Shefa Healing journey.

At last! A practical, down-to-earth approach to moving through 2012 and into the expanded awareness offered to us all at this time… — Judy Hall, author The Crystal Bible.