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Living with Angels

Bringing angels into your everyday life

This classic book has been in print for over 16 years and the publishers will reprint in 2020.

Living With Angels | Theolyn Cortens





In her usual calm, methodical way, Theolyn guides newcomers to the angelic world through the stories of angelic encounters with mystics and other seekers. She offers gentle suggestions for approaching a new way to perceive your world, allowing new insights to enter your heart and mind. She encourages readers to experiment with mystical exercises and ‘taste and see’ if it works for you. There is no dogma here, only an open invitation to anyone seeking reassurance and support in their daily lives.

One thing Theolyn always likes to emphasise is – the angels won’t magically sort your problems. Engaging with angels is co-creation.

Living With Angels offers a practical introduction to angels and how to experience and communicate with them, as well as easy-to-follow exercises on how to contact your guardian angel. You will learn:

  • How to call and work with your guardian angel and the archangel of your zodiac sign.
  • How to call on angels and archangels for specific purposes, including protecting your family, travelling in safety, or nurturing close relationships.
  • How you can work with angels to create a better life for yourself and others.

What I love about this book is Theolyn’s deep knowledge of the subject matter, and the practical down-to-earth way in which she explains all things Angelic. She gives background information from sacred traditions, mixed with personal experiences and those of clients, together with practical exercises to help those who want more than to just read the book. A lot of writings about Angels can be a bit light and fluffy, but I found this book to be very grounded whilst also being inspiring and uplifting. For anyone interested in the Angelic realms and their influence on daily life, I thoroughly recommend this book. — Akasha Lonsdale, Interfaith Minister.