Grandfathers of Wisdom

The appearance of an old man is the archetype for this season, representing maturity and wisdom. In fact, two old men come face-to-face at this point in the year and they are represented in mythology by Jupiter and Saturn. The two representations above were created in the Victorian period for Cardiff Castle, here in Wales where I live. You can see Saturn is carrying a scythe – he is Old Father Time. His Greek name is Chronos.

Astrologically, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and the last degree of Sagittarius is the Winter Solstice, when Jupiter hands over to Saturn, who rules the next sign, Capricorn. These characters represent cosmic ‘yes’ and cosmic ‘no’. Jupiter is all about expansion and Saturn brings contraction – both essential to the cycle of creation. Jupiter encourages you to spend on seasonal gifts, then Saturn brings the credit card bills!

Both these gods encourage wisdom: Jupiter is about joy, delight and gifts of the heart. William Blake, born under Sagittarius, said the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. Beethoven, also born under Sagittarius, wrote Ode to Joy  – included in his ninth symphony – when he was deaf. Nine is the number of Jupiter and December is the ninth month from the Spring Equinox. Nine is the last number before ten, the culmination of the series when using our base ten counting system.

During the coming year the planets named after these two wise archetypes, Jupiter and Saturn, will meet in a ‘conjunction’. There are many changes ahead for all of us. How that will affect your personal life depends on the significations in your birth chart. Whatever intensity or drama lies ahead for individuals, or for the collective social order in Western culture, the most important thing to remember is that you do have a Divine Soul and you can deal with life’s ups and downs when you maintain connection with your Soul through your meditation practice.

Your personal confidence and mental clarity depends on you being able to access the inner wisdom represented by these two wise old men. They teach us when to go forward, when to hold back; when to spend, when to save; when to explore further horizons, when to stay at home.  I am a great advocate for the use of astrology to identify the best timing when making big choices, but adding meditation to the wisdom of the stars brings your decision-making process to a new level. Captains in ancient times needed to understand the tide-tables, but they also need to consult their inner guiding star – their personal daimon – before finally choosing when to set out to sea.


The reason I write my books, newsletters and blogs, and the reason I teach The Shefa Method, is to take you by the hand, so to speak, and lead you to knowledge of your own Divinity.

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