The Teachings of the Nephalim

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The Teachings of the Nephalim

2012 and beyond

The Teachings of the Nephalim | Theolyn CortensEarly in 2009 Theolyn, already well known for her channelling of inspirational messages from angels, started to receive messages from a group of twelve disincarnate Nephalim, the ‘great ones of old’ mentioned in biblical texts, who want to offer guidance to humanity during these times of change. The extraordinary material in this inspired book will make a unique and valuable contribution to understanding how human evolution can move us all towards a remarkable future. Theolyn’s conversations with the Nephalim confirm that we are supported by invisible ‘elders’, or ‘ancestors’, when we commit to live in to our highest possibilities. Then we will exist in harmony with each other and with all the other creatures that dwell on our beautiful planet.

Several of the Nephalim have names you may recognise from biblical stories. The spokesperson for the Nephalim is Seth. He explains: Our mission is to remind all humanity that history will not have to repeat itself, if only enough of you take on the full responsibility of your real destiny.

Each of the twelve Nephalim, six ‘male, six ‘female’ delivered a reassuring and encouraging message. Theolyn shows how their wisdom accords with ancient Jewish mysticism concerning the development of soul empowerment. The invocations and exercises in the book will help all readers connect with the invisible realms of ancestral memory, where you can ask for and gain inspiration for daily life, as well as for your long term spiritual journey.

The esoteric content in this book will be especially supportive for anyone on the Shefa Healing journey.

At last! A practical, down-to-earth approach to moving through 2012 and into the expanded awareness offered to us all at this time… — Judy Hall, author The Crystal Bible.

Your Guardian Angel Needs You

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Your Guardian Angel Needs You

How to step into a remarkable future

Your Guardian Angel Needs You | Theolyn Cortens

Theolyn’s original guide to building a transformational and inspiring relationship with the Angel of Light, who is your Divine ‘other-half’. This title is presently out of print but you may be able to purchase a second-hand copy from the Amazon site.

We are currently working towards a revised version, to be called Release Your Radiant Being. Publication date to be announced – subscribe to hear about any Launch Offers.

Living With Angels

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Living with Angels

Bringing angels into your everyday life

This classic book has been in print for over 16 years and the publishers will reprint in 2020.

Living With Angels | Theolyn Cortens





In her usual calm, methodical way, Theolyn guides newcomers to the angelic world through the stories of angelic encounters with mystics and other seekers. She offers gentle suggestions for approaching a new way to perceive your world, allowing new insights to enter your heart and mind. She encourages readers to experiment with mystical exercises and ‘taste and see’ if it works for you. There is no dogma here, only an open invitation to anyone seeking reassurance and support in their daily lives.

One thing Theolyn always likes to emphasise is – the angels won’t magically sort your problems. Engaging with angels is co-creation.

Living With Angels offers a practical introduction to angels and how to experience and communicate with them, as well as easy-to-follow exercises on how to contact your guardian angel. You will learn:

  • How to call and work with your guardian angel and the archangel of your zodiac sign.
  • How to call on angels and archangels for specific purposes, including protecting your family, travelling in safety, or nurturing close relationships.
  • How you can work with angels to create a better life for yourself and others.

What I love about this book is Theolyn’s deep knowledge of the subject matter, and the practical down-to-earth way in which she explains all things Angelic. She gives background information from sacred traditions, mixed with personal experiences and those of clients, together with practical exercises to help those who want more than to just read the book. A lot of writings about Angels can be a bit light and fluffy, but I found this book to be very grounded whilst also being inspiring and uplifting. For anyone interested in the Angelic realms and their influence on daily life, I thoroughly recommend this book. — Akasha Lonsdale, Interfaith Minister.

Working With Archangels

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Working With Archangels

A path to transformation and power

Working With Archangels | Theolyn Cortens






This is a really valuable book for anyone wishing to engage with the great archetypes in creation for self-empowerment and creative juice. Theolyn has included her personal experiences with the Archangelic entities that present themselves at the portals on the mystical Tree of Life. Her wealth of academic research into the ancient stories of human encounters with these powerful creative guides, and celestial mentors.

Archangels are powerful spiritual helpers who offer us the opportunity to realise our own creative power and transform our lives. In this unique book, angel expert Theolyn Cortens maps out a journey enabling readers to meet and work with twenty-four powerful Archangels.

You will discover:

  • The history of Archangels.
  • How we understand them today and how they can help us.
  • How to meet the twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life.
  • The ways in which we can ask for their assistance with life issues.
  • Information about the Archangels of the Zodiac, with suggestions for creating a ‘dream team’ to help in particular circumstances.

Each step on the journey offers a new kind of angelic energy to work with as the twenty-four Archangels reveal their unique qualities in turn. The reader can take this journey at their own pace, learning about both traditional stories and contemporary experiences. With visualisations and invocations, and a variety of suggestions for day-to-day activities, as well as case histories, this is an exciting and in-depth journey that other angel books have not yet touched on.

Theolyn often says:

This is about co-creation. It’s definitely not about waiting for the Archangels to do it for you!

Working With Your Guardian Angel

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Working With Your Guardian Angel

An inspirational 12-week programme for finding your life’s purpose

Working With Your Guardian Angel | Theolyn Cortens

In this unique book, Theolyn leads you through her 12-week programme, teaching you how to harness the help of your guardian angel, your divine ‘other half’. You will discover how to:

  • Meet, and work with, your Guardian Angel.
  • Work with your Angel to contact your creative self.
  • Uncover your heart’s desire and life’s purpose.
  • Identify the things that stop you from achieving your desires.
  • Nurture your ideas and manifest your dreams

Amazon five-star reviewFive stars: Book for everyone, clear, easy to read and understand. Warm hearted and wonderful. You will find everything what you looking for. Just read and start believing. — An Amazon reader.

The Angels Script

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The Angels Script book and cards set

The power of the Archangels at your fingertips

This powerful card deck with book full of angelic wisdom is presently only available to  students enrolling on the Shefa Practitioner course. You may be able to find second-hand copies on Amazon.