Carve your Soul’s destiny

Here’s an idea to explore…

We have an opportunity in this life to carve our destiny from the possibilities already available to us as creators. We can choose how our future unfolds when we create from a Soul-base grounded in Divine Source.

In the old kabbalistic texts we learn how Divine Source, as the original Creator, ‘carved’ or ‘engraved’ a series of mystical pathways that act as the foundational architecture of the universe. In the same way, we can design and engrave our personal reality. Like any artist, we are grounded in certain basic opportunities, but we can add more options using extra ingredients. Let’s see how we can develop this radical idea of self creation.

Basic qualities give us a starting place

Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

There are three foundational Divine Qualities: Power, Wisdom (or Intelligence), and Love. This trinity supports an unfolding process that leads to the fourth: Beauty.

First, there is Divine Power, which emanates from an infinite Source of Light. Next, Divine Wisdom is the universal Intelligence that provides a pattern-making and archetypal structure that underpins Creation. The next ingredient is Divine Love – benevolent, compassionate and nurturing, sustaining and protecting the gentle development that will lead to limitless abundance and fill our world with Beauty.

Where is the beautiful world?

Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

So why do we not experience Beauty as a constant presence in the world? Why do we often feel Beauty is beyond our grasp, only to be experienced when we leave this life? Divine Power is a constant resource that we can call upon. Divine Wisdom is fundamental and provides a continuing archetypal foundation to everything that is going on. Divine Love offers constant blessings. So where is the problem?

We are the problem.

The glitches in the system occur when we lose sight of our own divinely appointed intelligence and our capacity to love unconditionally. Our Wisdom and Love are the two human ingredients that will allow Divine Power to manifest in our world as Beauty.

Using ancient characters to write a new story

The characters that appear in The Angels Script were originally described as the ‘Writing of the Malachim’. In Hebrew, malakh means ‘messenger’ – or ‘Angel’. We cannot pin down the ancient history of these characters, but similar writing is found in old South Arabian stele collected by archaeologists digging in the Yemen. This geographical area was home to the legendary Queen of Sheba, queen of the Sabians who, it is claimed, became lover to the Jewish King Solomon. Ancient tales tells us that King Solomon made use of this magical writing when he was building his temple. That was three thousand years ago, or more perhaps.

Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method
Ancient stele showing the Sabian alphabet.

Whatever the true back-story, I have discovered how we can use these characters to access to a treasure house of angelic wisdom. When we ask for Wisdom the characters in The Angels Script open gateways to insights and inspiration. The similar characters used in The Shefa Method (derived from another alphabet called the ‘Celestial Writing’) can be used as subtle vibrational tools that help reorient our thinking patterns. Shefa characters also release us karmic limitations that inhibit Love being shared, without conditions.

How is a ‘character’ different from a ‘symbol’?


Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method
Some of the characters from The Writing of the Malachim.

When I first worked with the characters presented in The Angels Script (‘Writing of the Angels’) and in Shefa Healing (‘Celestial Writing’), I described them as ‘symbols’.

Later, I discovered that in magical texts they have a technical title: characteres or, in Aramaic, kalaqtiraia. The Aramaic word can be divided into kol – meaning ‘all’ – and qtiraia – meaning ‘knots’. Ancient magicians considered their spells to be ‘bindings’ and ‘knots’ would fix the spell, binding the result. The little circles found on the tips of the characters could be regarded as knots. So here we have the idea that the charactere is a mini-formula or magical spell in its own right, not necessarily teamed up with other characters to form a word.

Yet another piece of evidence in favour of ‘character’ over ‘symbol’ is revealed by examining the original Greek word. The English word ‘character’ derives from the Greek kharassein, meaning ‘to engrave’, ‘inscribe’, or ‘sketch’. A kharakter is therefore a person who makes incisive marks, perhaps a stone engraver.

Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

Significantly, a kharakter is also a mark made in this way, especially in a system of writing. You are a character in the drama of life. You make your mark, one way or another, consciously or unconsciously. You have the opportunity to choose how to develop your character, so you act out a performance that satisfies the desires of your Soul.

Magical effects

The many layers of meaning we can understand when we investigate the word ‘character’ allow us to realise the magical potency of these alphabets that have been passed down to us. They are also mystical, because they will enhance our inner experiences as we expand our awareness. They are magical because when we change our inner landscape, we provoke outward effects. A ‘character’ in a play, performed on stage or in film, is presented by an actor. A ‘character’ has something to do, something to perform, they ‘act’ on our behalf. The words they speak tell the story. In contrast, a ‘symbol’ merely represents something – it doesn’t have any agency of its own and cannot initiate shifts in our energy field that will lead to results.

The character in a play does not choose the words, which are scripted by the author, who has spent time thinking about what the character will say. But YOU are the author who chooses the destiny of the character you have chosen to act. You CAN choose the words. You CAN choose the thoughts behind the performance you are playing on the world stage.

Choose your building blocks

Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

Mystical tradition tells us that Divine Source created the cosmos from an infinite field of light by introducing vibrations – sounds. These sounds were ‘engraved’ into the light as letters, or characters. These ancient letters become the evenim – the building blocks of Creation. When we work with them inwardly we can redesign the foundations of our life from the inside out. Our fundamental state of consciousness has invariably been ‘carved’ into a pattern at an early age, and has been reinforced as our way of being as we grew into adulthood. Tiny adjustments that fine-tune our consciousness will free up these karmic set patterns and re-code our mind and heart, allowing for new opportunities. As adults we can observe how childhood events may have encouraged us to set ourselves up with a script that will not serve a life full of joy. Then we can choose to clear the slate and engrave a new story. The results may take a while to unfold, but they can often be dramatic. Then you can carve your name in the ‘Book of Life’ with satisfaction and pride.

If you would like to learn how to use Shefa characters in conjunction with a deep meditation technique, designed to teach you exactly how to recode your mind and heart, check out my online course, The Shefa Method.