The Advanced Radiance Programme

My Advanced Radiance Programme is a natural continuation from the Radiance Programme and is the stepping-stone to becoming a Radiance Teacher.

This Programme leads to a Shefa Healing Practitioner qualification and takes a year to complete. It includes:

  • Nine months personal self-development, self-study.
  • Three residential retreats, each of three days.
  • Advanced Shefa Healing protocols.
  • Six Shefa Healing case studies over a period of six months: four face-to-face clients and two distant healing clients.
  • Private forum for all students for sharing progress discussing case studies.
  • Three months to deliver dissertation, personal statement and case studies.
  • Twelve personal supervision sessions by Skype, including guidance using astrology and The Angels Script.

The estimated start date for the Advanced Radiance Programme will be late April 2020 (after the Easter holidays) with final submission in late April 2021. When signing up for the Radiance Programme, you will be asked to indicate if you are planning to continue to the Advanced Radiance Programme.
Estimated price: £7,950 (early enrolment discounts may apply).