The Angels Script

The Angels Script – Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method

The Angels Script — Theolyn Cortens | The Shefa Method
Theolyn channelled these inspiring messages after discovering The Writing of the Angels, an alphabet of powerful characters that are said to date back more than three thousand years to the time of King Solomon, or even earlier.

A pack of 36 cards, including the 23 characters, 12 Archangels from the Tree of Life, plus the divine space of the Holy Spirit, will bring angelic wisdom into your everyday life. The 170pp book includes all the original channelled messages, as well as shorter ‘Angel Wisdom’ summaries and plenty of suggested layouts.

The Angels Script has been established as an essential gateway to the Angelic realms since the first edition was published in 1997. This second edition has been expanded with helpful keywords and sample interpretations.

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