About Zera Meditation

INSERT ZERA LOGO HERE When we meditate, we enter a sacred space, silent and still. This space is our portal to the field of the Living Light, the Divine Source that creates and sustains all things. Zera Meditation gives you direct access to that inner space. You will grow in joy and experience a new delight in life. Healing will come easily and naturally. Creativity and confidence will grow and your potential will blossom.

I include my Zera Meditation 21-day Programme as part of the Shefa Healing Gateway because it is essential that healers — and ideally, their clients also — have easy access to Divine Source. Effective meditation greatly accelerates healing at all levels.

  • Watch my video, Zera Meditation and Healing.
  • To discover more about Zera Meditation, read my ebook, Shefa Healing: Your Natural Access to Joy, Blessings and Abundance (see download form on the right).