Theolyn Cortens Dip. A.D., Cert. Ed., B.A. Hons., M.A.

Theolyn CortensMission

Everyone comes into this present incarnation with a mission. Thirty years ago I had a past life recall in which I was a teenage girl, dying in the Second World War. As I left my body, I was surrounded by angels and asked why such terrible things were happening. I was told that we have lost touch with Divinity. Western culture, for all its technological advances, was missing an essential ingredient – gnosis: knowledge of the Divine Ground of Being.

We have to realise that we are not just material, physical creatures, but we carry Divine Radiance in every cell of our body. We need to KNOW this as a fundamental knowledge in the heart, not just as an idea. Many people who come back from near-death experiences report they have a new understanding – they have discovered by direct experience that we are 100% human and 100% Divine. But we don’t have to die, or nearly die, to discover the truth of this claim.

My mission is to help people realise their 200% nature and allow the shefa of Divine Blessings to flow easily in their lives. I have been channelling celestial messages, writing about angels, teaching meditation and healing for over twenty years. The treasury of wisdom I have collated is offered to students in my Shefa training courses.


My childhood was spent in the Oxfordshire countryside. My family lived in an isolated, rural situation – perfect for a natural mystic.

My family were anti-religion, but my aunt and uncle had books on Theosophy and astrology, which I discovered when I was nine years old. I later realised there were other religions apart from the Church of England Christianity I was taught in school. For more than half a century I have been exploring many spiritual and religious traditions.

Illumination and spiritual development

When I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1974, I had a startling and life-changing spiritual illumination that led me to study spiritual experience with the Alister Hardy Research Centre in Oxford and, later, in Wales. For several years, I attended Quaker meetings, but the angelic realms were calling and, after studying Kabbalah, I converted to Liberal Judaism in 2007.


I studied Art and Dress Design at Hornsey Art College (Dip.A.D) and for several years I ran a dress design business, specialising in silk wedding dresses and ball gowns, which were sold in Harrods and Liberty’s of London. I still love working with fabrics and I’m presently working on a big project to make wall hangings depicting the Archangels of the Tree of Life.

Scholarship and research

I also studied English Literature, Comparative Religion and Philosophy for my First Class BA Honours, and qualified with as a teacher (Cert.Ed.). In the nineties, I lectured in community and adult education for the WEA and Ruskin College, Oxford. My research into Angels in the Kabbalah gained me a Master’s degree with Distinction (2010), after which I continued post-grad research at the University of Winchester. I gained the Higher Education Teaching Diploma and I have given papers at university conferences.

Story telling and poetry

I have always had a natural talent for writing poetry and short stories. I’m presently working on a four-volume mystical adventure novel, The Angel of Secrets.

My family

I have four daughters, four granddaughters, two grandsons and two great-granddaughters. I lived for many years in Oxford, Somerset and London, but presently I live in Wales. My husband of more than forty years, Will Shaman – musician, illustrator, designer, photographer and author – collaborates with me and supports my Shefa Healing work.