About the Shefa Method

The Shefa Method is a dynamic, powerful technique that encourages integration of spirit, mind, heart and body.
The Shefa Method enlivens your natural creativity to manifest a life full of joy and delight.

The Shefa Method is very simple, and all it requires is regular, daily meditation practice. You need to be confident that you can dip into the deepest realm of your own consciousness, and the only way to do this is by regular practice. Once you have experienced this expanded awareness, you can learn how to introduce the characters. The celestial characters have been carefully chosen to encourage the joyful flow of shefa ­– Universal or Divine Energy.

The Shefa Method is based on two processes:
  1. An effective meditation practice in which you repeat a sound-shape called a zera in your mind. ‘Zera’ is a Hebrew word, meaning a ‘seed’. A zera serves the same function as a mantra in Eastern meditation systems.
  2. Regular Zera Meditation practice gives you easy access to the deepest arena of your personal consciousness. This is the liminal space where your individual self-awareness can blend with Divine Source. When you are present to Divine Source, you bring to mind a life-enhancing, positive concept packaged as a visual image. The image is a character from an ancient alphabet.

The characters we use in the Shefa Method are found in a mystical alphabet called The Celestial Writing. Each character is named after a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. They are made of orbs and lines of light and look rather like star constellations.

The Shefa Method is based on my personal mystical experience, supported by many years’ study of metaphysics, the Upanishads, Jewish kabbalah, Christian gnostic texts and Sufi wisdom. It is not grounded in any religious dogma.

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