About Shefa Healing

The Shefa Method is the foundation stone for the Shefa Healing modality. Shefa Practitioners have completed the basic Shefa Method home-study course, the Shefa Expansion workshop and a supervised six-month Shefa Practitioner training which requires them to submit in-depth case studies. They have been trained to introduce Shefa characters into a client’s energy field, in order to assist shefa to flow more easily. Shefa Healing is helpful for clients who feel their quality of life is challenged in some way, whether at a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level. Shefa Healing can promote profound improvements in the enjoyment and quality of life.

Shefa Practitioners incorporate Shefa characters into a healing session. The session also includes sitting with their client in quiet meditation for a few minutes at the beginning of the session. It is not essential for clients to learn the Shefa Method themselves, but the healing process will be accelerated if the client can easily drop into a deep state of meditation. When healer and client meditate together, miracles sometimes happen! However, Shefa Healing more usually promotes gradual, subtle changes over a period of weeks. Changes can be dramatic, especially when clients take on a regular meditation practice for themselves. See here for a case study.