Meditation and magic!

The magic of meditation leads to magical results in everyday life.

Merlin the Magician strides through a green landscape – rather like the one outside our house here in Wales. He has long grey hair and a beard, he carries his staff, and he is wearing the pointed hat. This is the archetype of the magician who can transform the material world with his creative intention. We expect him to be wise and humanitarian, like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, and not self-serving and destructive, like the Dark Lord Sauron.

For many generations, we have been stuck with the idea that ‘magic’ should only be in the hands of the wise and the pure of heart. But WE are making magical things happen all the time! Our deeper levels of consciousness are sending out magic vibes moment-by-moment. The problem is, we are mostly quite unaware of this. It’s a bit like sailing a ship with stowaways below deck. They might be harmless, they might actually do some good, maybe a bit of cleaning and sweeping, or – and this would be really serious – they might be drilling holes that let the water in!

Regular meditation allows us to delve deep into the layers of our unconscious mind that are usually mysterious and hidden. Some people report meeting guides or a guardian angel during meditation. Mostly, we need to say ‘hello, good day and thank you’, then carry on with our meditation. Even positive guides can be a distraction. But, sometimes, if life is being especially stress-laden, it can be useful to ask for inspiration and then go back to repeating the zera. Don’t hang around and wait for an answer… it will come. Possibly at another time – travelling to work, doing the household chores, whatever. Of course, if you’ve done the Program, you will remember we covered various distractions and how to deal with them in the topics.

At the deepest level of consciousness, magic happens. It is going on all the time! If there are challenging issues in your life, especially around relationships, money, or work, then you need to clean up at a deep level, so the magic can flow towards positive results.

We all know the fairy tales in which a grumpy imp, like Rumpelstiltskin, or a witch, like Carabosse, or maybe a dragon, like Smaug, seems to have all the power over the hero or heroine, who is trapped in a dungeon, or a tower. A curse is hanging over the good guys in the story. These stories are telling us something important about our magical abilities. Imps, witches or dragons have taken charge of life-energy and want to hold on to the gold. They are grasping and stuck. These characters represent our own limiting beliefs, our residue of negative feelings left over from old hurts and resentments. We cannot let them take charge of our magical kingdom. We cannot allow them to run the show – they will turn it into a tragedy! We need to sweep them out of dusty corners, then the Divine Source of life and magic within us will flow easily, creating prosperity, health and joy.

The magic of meditation is that we can dip into Divine Source easily, on a regular basis. This process is an inner detox. When we maintain a constant relationship with Divine Source, a golden light establishes itself in our life, and the imps, witches and dragons will have nowhere to hide. Then we become monarch in our land of delight, and our outer life reflects our inner joy.

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