Getting the Glow!

Learn to let your inner sunshine bring joy and blessings into the world.

For many years, I was a ‘Friend’ at a Quaker Meeting in Somerset. Although Quakers don’t use zeras, or mantras, when they sit in Silent Worship, they do access Divine Source easily, and they know a thing or two about the profound silence and stillness we experience in meditation. When I first started attending the Meeting, I met several elderly Quakers who all seemed radiant and centred. I heard one ‘Elder’ use the expression ‘so-and-so has got the glow’.

The ‘glow’ is an aura of calm, serenity, joy and whole presence of being. When someone with the ‘glow’ walks in to a room, the atmosphere changes around them. Where does this ‘glow’ come from? It is Divine Source radiating energy through us, unhindered by our anxieties and the barriers we have constructed. Babies have the ‘glow’, but this begins to fade as they grow up and learn how to deal with school, the work place, marriage and so on.

When you dive deep into Divine Source, you will often experience a ‘mega-glow’, an immense, radiant light that invites you to bathe in its glory. Divine Source is powerful, loving and intelligent. It is present in every cell of our physical body and, when we allow it to shine through us, we ‘glow’.

Not every meditation session will open the shining gateway to Divine Source. When this doesn’t happen, it is due to resistance and habitual anxiety. The more you meditate, the more your everyday self will learn to surrender all its troubles to the spiritual sunshine. Another Quaker once said to me: ‘we have to learn how to rest in the hammock of God’. What a delicious idea!

Rest in the hammock of Divine Source and let the sunshine fill every corner of your life.

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