Zera: Seeds of creation

How zera can turn around our mind – and our life.

Zera Meditation offers you a unique meditation opportunity because the zera, or ‘seed’, is a powerful sound-shape that can easily help you drop into the deep, primordial place I call Divine Source.

Zera is Hebrew for seed, and the zera I introduce during the 21-day Zera Meditation Program, has a very specific meaning. Using this three-syllable sound-shape will encourage your mind to easily access Divine Source, and repeated use will mean you gradually get to experience that powerful, silent place on regular basis. Twice a day!

Why do I call the sound-shape a zera, and not a mantra, as with Indian based meditation? Because a seed is a creative possibility. Mantra is Sanskrit for ‘a sacred utterance’. Our intention when we use the zera is always sacred , of course, but it is much more than that. We not only want to connect with Divine Source, and honour that sacred part of ourselves, we want to plant new possibilities. We want to refresh the mind and open our quietest, most secret ground of being to a new way of thinking, feeling and acting in the world.

There is a special word in Greek we can find useful here: metanoia. Meta means turning, or changing. Noia comes from the Greek word nous – mind. This word is used in the Christian tradition when someone is ‘converted’. I’m not talking about a religious conversion, but a change in perception. Anyone trained or educated in the Western way of experiencing the world sees ‘reality’ as an exterior construct. We feel we have arrived ‘into’ a world that pre-exists our birth. History, geography and science lessons at school, all point us towards this way of thinking. Now, in order to create love, peace and abundance for ourselves, and for the world, we need metanoia – a turnaround in thinking. We need to be ‘converted’ to a new way of living, based on a radical change in the way we understand and perceive reality.

Zera Meditation takes a seed and drops it into your mind. The seed takes you back to the primordial place beyond thoughts. This was the place you could easily experience before you were educated, before you even learned how to speak. In this place I call Divine Source, you can experience the potential that is freely available to all people. You can change your mind here – you can turn it around. You can be ‘converted’. Not to any religion, but to a direct perception of reality as something you are co-creating, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. This way of experiencing your reality puts you in the driving seat.

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