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The Abundance Formula (PDF book)

The Abundance Formula

The Abundance Formula — by Theolyn Cortens

Have you ever wondered why the ideas contained in books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction don’t always bring you the results you desire? Could it be there’s more to getting what you want than merely hoping or wishing?

The Abundance Formula explains how everything — from the smallest personal project to the entire universe — is created and maintained by a series of just 10 principles, or ‘Laws’. These Laws were known about and used by ancient sages, and Theolyn has reworked them for a modern audience, making it easy for you to understand how they operate.

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Whatever you do in life, results always come down the line, but it’s a question of how to make sure those results are desirable! The Abundance Formula shows how some of the Laws describe the fundamental, unchanging set-up into which you were born, but others can be worked with consciously, enabling you to get the results you are looking for.

Illustrated with numerous examples from the lives of well-known people, this 104-page book is rooted in ancient wisdom, yet is practical for today’s world. No more hoping and wishing for what you want — Theolyn shows you how to manifest what your Soul truly desires.

PDF download. Pub. SoulSchool Publishing, 2018.

Buy now £4.99

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