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Once an order for a physical product (such as books or cards) is received it will normally be sent by first class Royal Mail (within the UK) or airmail (outside UK) within three working days. Digital products (online course materials, MP3s, etc) will normally be made available for download within a few minutes of purchase online.


You will be notified of any anticipated delays in delivery and given the option of waiting or having a refund.


Physical goods may be returned for refund if sent back in shop condition within seven days of receipt. Shipping charges and any other fees we have paid cannot be refunded, and goods are returned at the customer’s cost.

MP3s cannot be returned for refund. If they are defective, they will be replaced.

In all cases where you wish to return an item, please contact us first.

If goods arrive damaged, incomplete or faulty, please let us know immediately. We will replace items as soon as possible at no cost to you.

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Free online Angels Script Readings

These readings are legally classified as “for entertainment purposes only”. Any information and/or advice given to you by this application should not take the place of any medical, legal, financial or other advice given to you by any qualified professional. These are not a substitute for qualified medical, legal or financial advice.


We are obliged by English Law to state that readings (astrological, Angels Script, or otherwise) are given for entertainment purposes. Theolyn makes no claim to be a qualified counsellor or health professional, she is giving advice in good faith as a sympathetic lay person. You indemnify Theolyn from any losses (material or otherwise) that you may attribute to advice Theolyn has given you in a reading, and you accept that you are responsible for your own actions.

Recordings of readings

If you have asked us to provide you with a recording of a reading given by Theolyn, it will be sent to you using a file transfer service shortly afterwards. The recording will be deleted from our system within a week of sending it to you, unless it appears you have not yet downloaded it, in which case you will be reminded. If you still have not downloaded the recording within four weeks of first sending it to you, it will be deleted from our system without further notice, as we are unable to store large files for clients permanently. While the recording is held by us, it is treated in strict confidence and will not be played or accessed by third parties.


We have a zero-tolerance policy on spamming: we do not spam people ourselves and we take a very dim view of those who spam others.

If you are a spammer, expect to be blocked from our site and reported. Expect us to contact your internet service provider, demanding they suspend your access to the internet. Expect us to do anything possible to put you out of business.

If you are not a spammer but have been blocked from Theolyn.com because our system has identified you as one, please contact us and we will help you as best we can. With so many attempts at fake registrations occurring daily on our site, it is inevitable that sometimes innocent people are wrongly identified as spammers. Please accept our apologies, but understand this is to do with tryng to protect our Members from unwanted material.

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