Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd August
Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

Join me this Summer to connect with The Shekinah and deepen your meditation.

I’m offering a three-night stay at this wonderful historic house so I can introduce you to some beautiful spiritual practices that will enhance your relationship with The Shekinah, as well as personally support your meditation practice. Click here to read more about The Shekinah.  Click here to view the Braziers website.

To give you plenty of personal attention, there are only twelve places. Before you arrive you will have been using the Zera Meditation technique under my guidance for a while, and this will be your spiritual ground preparation, like hoeing the earth before you plant your seeds. (The Zera Meditation Course is included in the Retreat cost).

Most significant will be our group work focussed on facilitating the power of The Shekinah for personal and global healing. You will:

  • Journey to open your inner Gates of Light
  • Research your Soul’s Purpose
  • Deepen the quality of your Zera Meditation experience
  • Open your connection with The Shekinah
  • Learn how to create a Shekinah Sanctuary in your own home
Costs and booking

The cost includes my 21-day Zera Meditation Course (usual price £375), taught with daily emails and topics, plus three personal supervision sessions with me via Skype, Facetime or phone. You will be given access to the course after you enrol, so you will have plenty of time to become good at it before the Retreat itself.

The price for the Summer Retreat includes accommodation, full board, and the Zera Meditation Course with personal coaching. The price is £1,100, or deposit of £100 plus four monthly instalments of £250.

Secure your place with a £100 deposit and we will email you with details for making a Bank Transfer for the complete balance, or a PayPal link to pay in monthly instalments.

Use the button below to pay your deposit now…

Book now Possible discounts

  • If you have recently started or completed the Zera Meditation Course with supervision, you will be refunded £375 to account for the Zera Meditation component.
  • If you later decide you want to be on my Radiance Programme, you will get a discount of £375 for the included Zera Meditation Course and will be able to start from Module Two.

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