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Soul Purpose Reading

Soul Purpose Reading


Product Code RDG-AS-SP
Manufacturer Theolyn Cortens SoulSchool

This 60-minute reading uses five cards selected from The Angels Script. Theolyn will guide you through the selection of the cards. If you have your own deck you can draw them yourself, but if you don’t then Theolyn can tune in for you and select them on your behalf.

The Soul Purpose reading is a powerful life tool and is only done once in your present lifetime. The five cards help to explain your Soul’s journey from the very beginning — however many lifetimes ago that was — into the future, when you will leave this incarnation and move forward to further Soul development. The chosen cards reveal what you have brought with you into this present life and suggest what you need to learn. This reading makes a very good companion to your astrological birth chart.

After the reading, I will send you an email with an attachment to print out and keep as a record, showing all the cards that were chosen. This reading is also recorded and a file transfer link will be sent to you shortly after your call.

You are advised to book this reading at least one week ahead. This will mean your deeper awareness will start preparing for the process and this will facilitate the best result. While waiting for your Soul Purpose reading you could allow yourself an opportunity to meditate each day.

Before the time of your phone call make sure you have prepared a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. You could also light a candle before your call.


  • Phone charges are normally included in the price of the Reading, but not everywhere in the world. Before booking, please check this page.
  • After purchase I will email you to make an appointment. These are normally available Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and 8pm UK time.

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