The Radiance Programme

Supervised self-study plus 3-day residential

My one-year Radiance Programme is an opportunity to supercharge your Soul Evolution. I will personally support, mentor and encourage you with individual and group Skype calls over the course of a year as you discover and master your potential as a divinely inspired human being.

To help guide you on your way, I give you a Soul Evolution reading at the beginning, then watch your planetary transits as you progress. This can be bought separately before committing to the whole Programme and the cost of the reading deducted from your fees.

You will work through four self-study modules: Zera Meditation, Your Radiant Being, The Angels Script, and Shefa Healing Gateway. Then you will attend a three-day residential Radiance Retreat in a tranquil spiritual venue in the UK.

To find out more, read the full Radiance Programme Prospectus. Use my free visualisation, What Is The Right Path For Me?, to help you decide whether the Programme is right for you:

Download, read or print The Radiance Programme Prospectus 2019 (Opens PDF in a new tab to read online, print out or download)
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Four Modules and a Retreat


This Module is a 21-day intensive delivered as daily emails. You will learn how to use a zera (a special sound-shape) in order to regularly and reliably visit that space which lies in your deepest consciousness, your Divine Source. This technique can transform your life in all areas, but is an essential practice for anyone on a spiritual journey. This Module can be bought separately here and the cost deducted from your fees if you later decide to do the whole Programme.

Download, read or print Read my Guide to Zera Meditation (Opens PDF in a new tab to read online, print out or download)
Download, read or print Buy this Module first and get a full refund if you go on to do the rest of the Radiance Programme.


Your Radiant Being is the energetic template that underpins your humanity, sometimes described as your ‘light body’ or your ‘guardian angel’. This module will take approximately eight weeks and takes you on inner journeys that help clear old karmic blocks. Releasing your everyday self from the constraints of old stories that no longer serve your life purpose will be illuminating and energising.

Download, read or print Read my Guide to your Radiant Being (Opens PDF in a new tab to read online, print out or download)


The Angels Script is a unique and inspiring deck of cards created to accompany a series of channelled messages I received in the early 90’s. Twenty-three cards depict an alphabet of twenty-three characters from the ancient Writing of the Angels. There are also twelve Tree of Life Archangel cards and one for the Holy Spirit. This is an intensive module over approximately sixteen weeks during which you develop your own channelling faculties when working deeply with the cards and messages.

Download, read or print Read the Guide to The Angels Script (Opens PDF in a new tab to read online, print out or download)


Shefa Healing is a sacred rebalancing technology that uses an ancient alphabet of celestial characters to introduce revisions to existing energy patterns in the body. This module prepares you for self-initiation with the Shefa Healing Protocols, which are taught when you attend the final Radiance Retreat.

Download, read or print Read the Guide to Shefa Healing (Opens PDF in a new tab to read online, print out or download)


The Radiance Retreat is the final Module, only open to students on the Radiance Programme. This is a three-day, three-night residential at a peaceful and venue in the UK where you will be nourished in a calm, protective and safe environment. During this Retreat you will enhance your meditation experience during group meditations with me and your fellow students. You will consolidate everything you have been learning on the other Modules and you will self-initiate with the Shefa Healing Protocols. The final day includes an informal ceremony during which your Certificate is awarded. Estimated date – late Spring, 2020 tbc.

Frequently asked questions

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Read PDF The Radiance Programme Prospectus 2019
Fees, including Module Five Radiance Retreat, with full bed and board £4950

If you have done any of my courses before, you may be eligible for a discount.

Payment can be made in instalments – please contact us for details.

Fees include all materials, teaching, calls, and Retreat with full board.

If you are interested in the Programme but your questions are not answered after reading the Prospectus and this website, you can arrange a free call with me.

Arrange a call Arrange a free call with me to discuss the Programme using Skype or Facetime.