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Privacy policy

In brief

Your information is safe with us. We don’t share it with anybody for any reason, unless required by English Law.

In detail

Who we are

‘Theolyn.com’ is a website that sells materials on behalf of the author and teacher, Theolyn Cortens.

Who we send newsletters to

We are enthusiastic about the creative possibilities Theolyn’s ideas can bring in to peoples’ lives, so we want to tell you about new developments as they happen. On the other hand, we aren’t interested in telling people about Theolyn’s work if they’re not interested, so we only communicate with people who are registered on this website.

We normally send out between two and four emails each month, depending on what’s going on and the time of year.

The benefits of being a Member

Registered Members get free access to materials on this site, such as short stories, and can also use the online Angels Script readings service as much as they like. (Other benefits may also be added from time to time and all are subject to our Terms and Conditions).

Removing yourself from the mailing list

You are able to remove yourself from future mailings at any time by simply clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the foot of our mailings. Alternatively you can delete your account by visiting your profile on this site.

What information we keep about you

We try to keep as little as possible, and only that which is strictly necessary for maintaining the relationship we believe you want to have with us.

We do not keep credit or debit card information, or any bank details you may supply when purchasing from us. When sales are made via PayPal (as are most transactions) we do not see credit or debit card information at all, and your financial security is the responsibility of PayPal and subject to their terms and conditions.

Physical (land) addresses you enter on our website will be held electronically on our website’s database. We will hold this data for the purposes of sending out materials. Addresses will not be visible to third parties unless required by English Law.

Email addresses entered by you will be stored in our website’s database and will be used to send out mailings. Email addresses will not be visible to third parties unless required by English Law.

Other information, such as details you submit on your Profile, will be visible to certain other registered Members of Theolyn.com, for example other Members reading Blog comments you may have made. This information will not be visible to non-Members.

If you want us to send you a record of information we hold about you, we are happy to do so. Either email us or send a self-addressed envelope to:

Theolyn Cortens
27 Ger y Llan
Wales SA44 5YB

Recordings of readings

If you have asked us to provide you with a recording of a reading given by Theolyn, it will be sent to you using a file transfer service shortly afterwards. The recording will be deleted from our system within a week of sending it to you, unless it appears you have not yet downloaded it, in which case you will be reminded. While the recording is held by us, it is treated in strict confidence and will not be played or accessed by third parties unless you authorise us to do so in writing.

What information we share about you


We take your privacy very seriously and we will not sell, lend or in any way give out your personal information to any third party without your express permission in writing, unless required by English Law.

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