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Discovering Angels

Discovering Angels – by Theolyn Cortens

Theolyn’s first book about angels is now out of print, but you can find secondhand copies of this classic on Amazon. Some of the content has been re-used in Working with Archangels.

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Discovering Angels describes remarkable adventures into the deep spaces of human consciousness and identifies the archetypes we meet there with the Archangels of Jewish Kabbalah. After an illness in which she met angels and explored ‘uncharted galaxies’, Theolyn made a conscious decision to explore the inner world, using the Tree of Life model as her map. In this very personal book, she records the visions that followed and discusses the relationship between the Jewish Archangels and the archetypes represented by the Greek gods in astrology, as well as other mythological characters.

This book is about trusting the imaginal world, and Theolyn urges readers to recognise and utilise imagination as a primary tool in the creation of a new, harmonious social order.

Paperback only available. Pub. Caer Sidi Publications, 1996.


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