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In 1974 I experienced a profound illumination that opened my heart and mind to the inner wisdom that is deeply rooted in humanity. This awesome, life-changing mystical experience has enabled me to converse with angels and other-dimensional intelligences.

I offer you a unique spiritual perspective, designed to help you open your own inner channels and bring angelic wisdom into your daily life.

SoulSchool courses and workshops have been developed after more than half a century of angelic communications, and are grounded in academic scholarship.

ZERA MEDITATION gives you easy access to the Divine Source. Entry Level.

LIVING WITH ANGELS opens channels to angels who support your Soul Purpose. Level One.

THE ANGELS SCRIPT gives you guidance when faced with life-challenges, decisions and future planning. Level One and Level Two.

SHEFA HEALING stimulates natural healing energy. Level One, Level Two and Level Three.

I also offer SPIRITUAL COACHING using The Angels Script, astrology and Shefa Healing to support your personal journey.

The Angels Script book and cards set — Theolyn Cortens
See the Angels Script book and cards set


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