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Your Guardian Angel


Free Guide to
your Guardian Angel

Free Guide to your Guardian Angel
Your Guardian Angel is your best friend, Soul Mate and mentor. Discover why you need to build a special relationship with your guide and how you can get in touch with them. More…

After learning and committing to meditation, the next important building block for your spiritual journey is getting to know your Guardian Angel. Your meditation practice helps to open your inner channels for receiving wisdom. Establishing a good relationship with your Guardian Angel will mean you always have guidance on tap – like owning a sat-nav. No further inner journeys are advisable, until you feel confident that you have reassured yourself that your Guardian Angel is at hand for support. I have written two books that will help you with this essential process.

Working with your Guardian Angel Every Day is a book and CD mini-course. The book, Working With Your Guardian Angel, consists of a 12-week programme that takes you on a journey, learning how to harness the help of your Guardian Angel. You will discover how to meet and work with your Guardian Angel, and get in touch with your creative self. You will uncover your heart’s desire and life’s purpose, and identify what stops you achieving your desires. Then you will learn how to nurture your ideas and plans to help manifest your dreams. This title is bundled with Simple Meditation CD audio course, which teaches mantra meditation – the quickest way to get in touch with your inner guidance is to learn how to set aside your ‘monkey mind’ and listen to the voice of wisdom, which is always present for you, whenever you ask.

Your Guardian Angel Needs You Every Day is a package that includes the book, Your Guardian Angel Needs You!, a double album of Theolyn reading all the visualisations from the book, plus the audio mini-course CD, Simple Meditation. Working with these powerful materials takes you on a deep spiritual journey. Usually, Angels are thought of as being ‘out there’ somewhere, helping you in times of need. Your Guardian Angel is your divine mentor or coach, as well as your best friend — your real Soul Mate! You can develop this relationship, but your Guardian Angel needs you to make the first move. Like any good coach, your Guardian can only work with your co-operation. This is especially important in these times of global change. In this essential guide, I help you discover how you can build a life-long magical relationship with your Guardian Angel. You will learn how to access higher dimensions and meet other celestial helpers. This leads to a clearing process, allowing old karma and emotional wounds to be healed. You will be called to action by your Guardian Angel and shown how to realise your full potential here on Earth.

Your Guardian Angel Needs You!  is bundled with the Simple Meditation CD audio course – because meditation practice on a daily basis is essential for this deep spiritual work – and a double-album CD with all the guided visualisations from the book, taking you on inspiring journeys to meet your Guardian and other celestial helpers.

These two ‘every Day Mini Courses’ offer powerful routes for uncovering your Soul’s Purpose and will make very good preparation for working with The Ten Laws of Creation.
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