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The Angels Script

The Angels Script

5.0 average, based on 5 reviews


Product Code AS-C
Manufacturer SoulSchool Publishing
  • The power of the Archangels at your finger tips
  • Sacred symbols initiate your own intuitive knowledge
  • Access Angelic wisdom for everyday guidance
  • Use these cards for meditations and open your heart and mind to angelic messages
  • Discover how easy it is to expand your own deep realms consciousness and meet Archangels yourself

Click here to see the cards and read short Angel Wisdom for each card. Members click here for free online Angels Script readings (log in or register).

Book and card set, with 36 full colour cards:

  • 23 Sacred Symbols
  • The Holy Spirit
  • 12 remarkable images of the Archangels of the Tree of Life, based on Theolyn’s visions (as described in Working with Archangels).
  • Comprehensive full-length book with channelled messages, keywords and Angel Wisdom for each card, plus suggested layouts for readings.

This card deck is supported by The Angels Script Course, which can improve your reading skills and further your spiritual development. You can also take the certificated and mentored Angels Script Consultant’s Course to give you professional status and additional benefits.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


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They are my favourite card deck. So beautifully illustrated and easy to use. They are uncannily accurate and a wonderful way of bringing the Archangels into everyday life. A must for all on a Spiritual path helping to bring Heaven to Earth. Thank you Theolyn and Will for producing these amazing tools of transformation. (30 Aug 2017, 13:14)

Beautiful, Inspiring and Uplifting

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I think I have been using the Angel Script cards now for almost 20 years! Happy Birthday! I love the look and feel of the cards, and the messages are clearly divinely inspired. Over the years they have been a great source of support, guidance and inspiration. They are like wise old friends and I wouldn't be without them. (18 Aug 2017, 17:51)


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I use a lot of decks and this one really blew my soul! I used one of the suggested layouts for knowing your soul purpose and it's accuracy and simplicity were astounding. If you believe in angels and would like to have an easy way to commune with them...this deck may be for you! Amazon customer. (17 Aug 2017, 17:47)

I have used this deck for over 3 years and they are my absolute favorite

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I have used this deck for over 3 years and they are my absolute favorite. They speak to me in ways that no other deck can compare. I have used many different decks and this one is pure and inspiring. Try this one, it will definately stir your soul. Be ready to hear the divine truth, which may not always be what you thought what you wanted to hear at the time, but will always make perfect sense in the end. Very accurate!!! Amazon customer. (17 Aug 2017, 17:46)

I am blown away!

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I am blown away by your Angel Script cards and book, the connection to Spirit is beyond words. (02 Nov 2016, 22:05)
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