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The Angels Script


The Angels Script
Home Study Course

The Angels Script Course
Home study course designed to take four months gives you in-depth wisdom on the sacred characters from The Writing of the Malakhim and the Archangels of the Tree of Life. Includes your own boxed set of cards with book, together with FREE Simple Meditation audio course to help you get the most out of it. More…

The Angels Script
Consultants Course

The Angels Script Consultants Course
Become a Professional Certificated Angels Script Consultant. This course includes everything in the Angels Script Home Study Course but also includes individual mentoring with Theolyn. More…

FREE Guide to
the Angels Script

Guide to the Angels Script
FREE guide to the origins of the Angels Script and how it can aid your spiritual development. More…

The Angels Script by Theolyn Cortens

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In 1992 Theolyn had a dramatic recall of a life in ancient Babylon, in which she was the son of an astrologer-priest. She was being trained as an astrologer herself but, after a falling out with her father, she was exiled and her training was not completed. During this past-life experienced she realised that the esoteric wisdom she would have inherited included an alphabet of strange symbols.

After her experience, Theolyn set off looking for these symbols and eventually came across ‘The Writing of the Malakhim’ (Hebrew for ‘Writing of the Angels’). It was a series of curious symbols, sometimes called ‘eye-writing’, made up of small circles and lines. Each symbol had been named after a letter from the Hebrew alphabet, but did not appear to obviously resemble Hebrew letters. Seeing the alphabet of symbols for the first time initiated an urgent response, and Theolyn realised she should meditate on each symbol and record what she learned from it. This was the beginning of a series of early morning meditation sessions, starting at 5 in the morning each day for three weeks. Subsequently, she set up similar sessions and channelled messages for the twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life, plus one for the Holy Spirit (the ‘Ruah ha Kodesh’).

The messages Theolyn received during these sessions constitute the main part of the full-length book, The Angels Script, which accompanies the cards. The beautiful channelled messages encourage us to step into a new perspective whenever we have problems in our personal lives, and Theolyn later added keywords and a short Angel Wisdom text for each card to help interpretation. The book also features a series of suggested layouts, beginning with just one card and working up to thirteen cards, with examples from Theolyn’s work with students.

The Angels Script card set is quite unlike any other Angel oracle. The channelled messages speak to the heart of the querent and illuminate the question being asked.

“I have used this deck for over 3 years and they are my absolute favorite. They speak to me in ways that no other deck can compare. I have used many different decks and this one is pure and inspiring. Try this one, it will definately stir your soul. Be ready to hear the divine truth, which may not always be what you thought what you wanted to hear at the time, but will always make perfect sense in the end. Very accurate!!! 5 out of 5 stars AMAZING!” — A Customer, Amazon US.

“I use a lot of decks and this one really blew my soul! I used one of the suggested layouts for knowing your soul purpose and it’s accuracy and simplicity were astounding. If you believe in angels and would like to have an easy way to commune with them... this deck may be for you!” — A Customer, Amazon UK.

“I find the symbols in this pack to be intense vibrational gateways to higher dimensions — the Archangels are the gatekeepers. Thank you, Theolyn, for being the channel for this ancient wisdom, I do believe you have a unique access to the Book of Raziel, the legendary source of universal wisdom. I see Raziel overlighting your work.” — A.D., Angelic clairvoyant, Slovakia.

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