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About readings

I offer a limited range of opportunities for personal consultations, designed to support you on your life-journey, with an emphasis on coaching you to see the spiritual dimension. I use a combination of astrology and The Angels Script cards, depending on what kind of reading you are having.

My astrological skills help you get a perspective on your potential and how your life-pattern is unfolding. Astrology does not predict our future, but by looking at planetary movements ahead we can identify how we can make the most of our time ahead.

The Angels Script cards and messages bring angelic wisdom to the issues at hand and help us to see through the tangle of ideas and feelings concerning relationships, career, health, lifestyle decisions, and so on.

Readings can be done via landline, mobile or Skype and can be recorded at no extra charge on request. I call you at the agreed appointment time and the cost of the phone call is included in most cases — click here to check if this applies to your area before ordering. Skype calls are, of course, included wherever you live.

Please note:

Not all readings (or even any) will necessarily be available at all times. However, anyone who is actively following a course will be offered a discounted reading while doing the course, even when readings are not generally available. To see what readings are currently available, check the Readings drop-down above.


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