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The Magic of Meditation


Monday 11 September, 2017


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Healing, Blessings and Abundance will fill all the empty spaces of our lives…. So said the kabbalist, Joseph Gikatilla, in his beautiful treatise, Sha’are Ora (Gates of Light), written in the 13th century. The experience of light during meditation confirms that we are, essentially, light beings and our physiology, which appears dense and solid, is […]

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    Many ancient mystical texts describe visits to heavenly halls, where the floors or pavements are shining like crystal. The Victorian hymn which inspired the title of my novel, Across the Crystal Sea, tells us the songs of the ‘sinless’ will sweep across an ocean made of crystal. What can this ‘crystal’ experience be describing? The […]
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    This is a very ancient image of an angel… not the oldest I’ve come across, but pretty old. It’s a carved relief from the palace of an Assyrian King, Sargon. Assyria is now Iraq. The reliefs were probably carved around 700 BCE, so nearly three thousand years ago, then discovered by Victorian archeologists, who collected […]
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    This is the first in a series of blogs sharing the stories and research behind the story in my forthcoming book Across the Crystal Sea – my first published fiction. In the 1970’s I was a regular attender at St.Mary Magdalene church in Oxford. The services there are ‘High Anglican’ – rather like Roman Catholic […]