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Mystery in the Rose


Friday 16 June, 2017


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This exquisite rose was photographed by Will, right outside our front door. A rose bush was planted on either side of the porch when we moved in last year. I asked two of my daughters to gift me two identical rose bushes for my birthday/Mother’s Day celebrations which happened just after our moving in date.  We enjoyed blooms during the first summer, and now they are blossoming again!

Like the lotus in Eastern mysticism, the rose is an ancient symbol of spiritual development in Western mysticism. In Sufi thought, the rosebud represents unity with God, the rose in bloom represents abundance and wealth, the outer expression of love in the heart. When we love without condition, then everything we need arises in our life, with ease and grace.

In ancient times, the rose was the symbol for the goddess of the planet Venus, who creates a five petalled flower pattern as she dances in the sky.

Later it became an icon for the Virgin Mary, pure and untouched by physical love.

This development shifted the symbolic emphasis from the erotic to the sacred. In Western mysticism the love expressed in the rose is a sacred mystery, not a physical pleasure.  But, whatever attempts have been made, to distinguish the love called ‘eros’ (physical), from the love called ‘agape’ (charity, or spiritual love), there is no denying that the spiritual ilumination can be described as a ‘cosmic orgasm’. This experience is a rush of intense, unearthly light that surges through the body as well as the Soul, leaving the seeker in a complete surrender to the Divine.

With this spiritual love, which is experienced as soft and delicate, as well as being intense and fiery,  great joy and delight arise. The energetic shift is paradoxically both comforting and challenging, reassuring and awesome, forgiving and demanding, personal and impersonal. All our energy centres are open, and Divine energy flows through all levels of our system: from spirit, through mind, through heart, into the physical. This is how deep healing can take place, surprising us with revised configurations. Cancers miraculously disappear. The blind can see. The lame can walk. ‘New lungs are no problem’ – as an angel said to a dying man, who promised to return to life and heal his family story.

How do we support the blossoming of our inner rose of love, delight and joy? By meditating. Whatever method you choose, you need fast, easy, regular access to the Divine Source. Obviously, I recommend Zera Meditation, as it is natural, simple and effective. But there are other routes to the same inner space of  deep Power, deep Love, deep Wisdom.

Divine Source loves you. Divine Source offers you all the wisdom you need to make your way in the world as a truly realised being. In the deep, peaceful, powerful silence of Divine Source you will receive all the good nutrients you need, to bring your exquisite, unique and remarkable flower bud into the world. where you will blossom, over and over again.





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