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Sunday 21 May, 2017

Angels and Guides

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In ancient times, people travelled miles to consult the oracle at Delphi. Deep in a dark pit, at what was considered to be the centre of the world, were the rotting remains of a huge python, or dragon, slain by the golden god Apollo. A beautiful temple was erected above the pit, which gave off a constant smoke with a sweet, sickly smell. For several hundred years, the Delphic Oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative oracle among the Greeks. The High Priestess of the temple, who delivered prophetic poetry, was without doubt the most powerful woman in the classical world.

In modern times we can consult astrologers, Tarot readers, chierologists (sometimes called palmists), or we can use our own packs of cards, yarrow stalks for I Ching, or maybe rune stones. Even tea-leaves can be used to catch a glimpse of the future! The Angels Script, which I channelled in 1997, is another example, another method for consulting an invisible source of wisdom. These are all oracular tools. We use them to access wisdom that seems to be hidden from us – we want to ‘know’ the future. We want insights into the best way forward. We want to understand our Soul’s destiny.

Why have people, for thousands of years, consulted ‘the oracle’ – rather than just getting on with life, making their decisions as they go along, according to rational and pragmatic choices? Perhaps because we have a deep suspicion that there is some other wisdom that can be brought to bear when making important decisions. Nowadays, atheists and physicalists, who have no truck with such ‘specious nonsense’ (to quote British comedian Stephen Fry), point the finger of scorn and scepticism at people who consult astrologers or ‘fortune-tellers’. Yet, even in the 21st century, when science claims to know so much more than the Ancient Greeks, these activities have not disappeared from our culture. Many people continue to seek deeper answers, from a source that goes beyond rational thought.

Why should we imagine we can access this super-rational information, using these tools? Where does it come from? The image of a deep pit at the centre of the earth can be used as a metaphor to describe the depth of our own consciousness. We can consider the archetypal story here. Apollo is god of the Sun, which shines in the daytime. Apollo represents all that is clear and revealed to our day-to-day vision. The dragon that has been slain, whose remains are in the pit, is the unconscious mind, which is deep and mysterious to our daily awareness.

We use our tarot cards, celestial charts, hexagrams to give our unconscious mind an opportunity to communicate with our everyday self. This ancient story suggests our conscious self is actually in denial – it has been avoiding the power of the unconscious by ‘slaying’ it, tucking it away in a pit where, we had hoped it would be no trouble. But then – oh me! oh my! – we realised that what we ignored and feared, is actually the greatest source of wisdom and power. Then we have to use an oracular process to communicate with this magnificent, potent snake of true wisdom.

And what has this to do with meditation, I hear you asking? When we surrender to Divine Source we are dropping into an inner landscape – we are lowering our conscious self into a deep well of wisdom that resides within our heart and mind. But it is not a dark pit – not at all. What we find there is light! This light can expand throughout all levels of our consciousness. This means that what used to be unconscious to our everyday self, starts to become more conscious. We become en’ light’ ened, we begin to understand our own true purpose in life, because we can access the invisible content of what was once hidden in our own shadowy cupboards. Once that becomes an embedded illumination we will no longer need an outside oracle. We contain our own High Priestess and she will tell us everything we need to know.

The journey towards this illumined state of being takes time, so if you have a favoured pack of wisdom cards, or if you use astrology, don’t give them up right now. Just keep up your meditation and gradually you will begin to realise that your own core of wisdom can be your constant companion, your life guide, your personal oracle, your inner sat-nav.

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